A Restaurant
for every

Forte Village offer a choice of restaurants including sumptuous buffets, show cooking and fine dining. Enjoy regional Italian cuisine and the gourmet delicacies of celebrity chefs such as Heinz Beck, winner of 3 Michelin stars.


14 distinctive bars, each offering a unique ambiance and a delightful selection of beverages to suit every taste.




A menù designed to satisfy even the youngest guests. Quality food and fun in this restaurant designed especially for children. A wide range of dishes to satisfy the palates of all the young guests at Forte Village and a selection of pureed food for babies.


What is the secret to the dishes prepared by the Chefs of Forte Village? The quality and freshness of the ingredients and the products that arrive each day at the kitchens of the 21 restaurants of Forte Village direct from our garden. Born of a love and respect for nature, it represents the desire to rediscover the most authentic flavours of the Mediterranean. We use our products only when they are at their very best in nutritional value and we serve them in our exclusive gourmet restaurants.


A Restaurant

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Explore the resort with our interactive map and discover the wonders that await.

a true masterpiece of nature

A land filled with secrets to uncover and views
that will leave you breathless

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