Massage physiotherapy

A massage for the soul
The uniqueness, the peace and the energy of Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa in Sardinia are behind a collection of wonderful physiotherapeutic massages inspired by the principles of philosophy and holistic therapy. Taking care of one’s self, of the whole of our body and our spirit, is the path to be taken to free the mind, the skin and every muscle from aggressive fatigue, and to restore harmony and serenity.




A relaxing massage with essential oils and specific aromas to meet the needs of each guest. Ideal for relieving stress and banishing insomnia, and to restore the body’s natural balance.

Four hands massage

In perfect synchrony, like a dance, two therapists massage the body, enveloping it with warm perfumed oils. An unforgettable experience that stimulates the circulation, tones muscles and instills the body with energy and lightness.

Honey and salt massage

One of life’s rules is that opposites attract, just like in this extraordinary massage where the softness of honey and the energy of salt, combined with essential oils, purify and smooth the skin, preparing it to welcome the smiling sun and every caress.


Identifying the body’s energy flows and pressing on its pressure points: shiatsu massage, a Japanese technique developed in the 6th century, relieves tension and “recharges” every part of the body.

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