Spinas Palace Hotel Conference

Meeting of esteemed representatives of Rashin Kavir Company

Now that Rashin Kavir company with Ajix brand and brand is in the stage of introducing its life cycle in the food industry, in September 2020, due to announcing its presence in this industry, it decided to hold a meeting and dinner to establish better communication. With the representatives and guests of the company at the Spinas Palace Hotel, by attending this gathering, in addition to a brief introduction of their products and also having an advertising dimension and the opportunity to attract customers in this field, representatives from all major cities attended the conference. The process of the conference continued with the initial reception to welcome, with the speeches of the guests, the Vice President of Sales, the CEO of Mr. Vahabzadeh, then the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Mehdifar gave a speech and after the speech was presented exquisite gifts. Representatives were donated and souvenir photos were taken from the dinner party